Thursday, January 18, 2007

Website Update!

If you don't receive our monthly email newsletter, then go to our beloved website, Speculative Romance Online, and check out January's new content.

New Articles

  • Interview with Cover Artist April Martinez

  • Getting Your Love On in 2056, by Joyce Ellen Armond

  • Northern Skies, by Astronomy Diva Candice Vetter

  • New Reviews

  • MISTRAL'S KISS by Laurell K. Hamilton

  • MINDER by Joely Skye

  • UNMASKED by CJ Barry

  • TETHERS by Sara Reinke

  • Member News from Rowena Cherry, Robin D. Owens, Ann Macela, Vicky Burkholder and me!

    Market News from Nanobison, Samhain Publishing and a new contest for sf/f/h novels, with editors and agents as judges.

    If you are expecting the newsletter to pop into your mailbox, and it hasn't, please contact me. Mail kerfluffles to the AOL server! I think I fixed most of it, but if you slipped through, let me know.

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