Tuesday, January 02, 2007

News 2 Use: Shit That Freaks Me Out Edition

Clouds and Plankton?

Atmospheric scientists may have discovered a link between blooms of phytoplankton in the ocean and the creation of clouds that reflect the sun's energy away from the planet. Some researchers see this phenomenon as a planetary mechanism to counteract global warming.

I see this as a spooky reminder that we know next to nothing about the complex and chaotic systems that make the planet work. If plankton farts can control the temperature, what startling systems will exist on your science fiction planet? Think worms, spice, samlon and Grendels. And extra points to anyone who can identify the two books from which I stole my examples!

Choose One: Kid's Brain Function or Your Portfolio Health?

Joint research performed by the US and Demark suggests that exposure to toxic chemicals has created a "silent pandemic" of neurological disorders in children. The research links autism, attention deficit disorder, developmental disorders and cerebral palsy with a minimum of 200 chemicals used in industry, and that number could climb to over 1,000 as testing continues.

As you design a future world, never underestimate the damage caused by the amoral pursuit of wealth.

I Am Never Seeing A Physician Again. Ever.

New studies show that doctors are using Google to make difficult medical diagnoses, with a 60% success rate.

Three words that should strike fear into your heart now: pharmaceutical industry Google-bomb.


Anonymous said...

Dune Whatever
Legend of Heorot (sp?)

SpecRom Joyce said...

She's right! On the first try!!!