Monday, January 22, 2007

Fess Up Monday!

Did you write? Did you sell? How many words? Tell, tell tell!

The Global Existential Threat Level remains at GUARDED.

(For those new readers -- the Global Existential Threat Level monitors our chances of wiping ourselves out, or being wiped out, as a species. It's always good to put your own hopes, dreams, fears and nightmares into planet-wide perspective, doncha think? I mean, gosh, what's the sense of getting all hyped about something if the world is about to explode. We're just those kinds of pragmatists here at SpecRom. Always got your back, baby.)

I had a couple of those wonderful and far too rare days when it's a push to have my fingers type fast enough to get down all the words, they flow so fast. And other than missing my scheduled blog posts for Friday and Saturday, everything else in My Author's CageFight (doesn't that sound more interesting than 'My Author's Life'?) went pretty well. It's hard to feel threatened when your first novel-length release comes true, and step one in your evil plan to rule the world is achieved. So my Personal Existential Threat Level is Super-Mondo No Chance of My Head Exploding Low. (How's THAT for daring the universe, harhar.)

I'd like to invite you all to preview the upcoming anthology SUM3. That's for someone, somewhere, somewhen is falling in love and being amazed by it. SUM3 is the compilation of outstanding stories found through the Zircon Contest for short speculative romantic fiction. My short story, the infamous weird take on vampires "Attraction of Otherness," the story that convinced me to write speculative romance, the story that landed me this gig ladies and gentlemen, is in that anthology. It's due out any time from Zumaya Book's romance imprint, Zumaya Embraces.


SpecRom Joyce said...

A beautiful thing it is to report 7276 words for last week!

That's spread across two projects, and all those words came out on Wednesday and Thursday. Very weird. But, no complaints!

Ursula said...

I just got my copy of Bonds of Darkness.

Cheers! 7K plus! That is a heafty sum.

Alas, I slacked. But I'm about to climb back up on the horse!

SpecRom Joyce said...

You know, it is the strangest feeling to think that people I know are reading what I wrote. lol

And don't call it slacking. Call it INCUBATING.

Ursula said...

Lol! Incubating. I love it!

I'm taking the weekend to kick back and incubate, so I'll be reading my new buy! Look for a review on my site when I'm done. (I LOVE THE COVER, BTW)