Monday, February 26, 2007

Fess Up Monday!

Did you write? Did you sell? How many words? Tell, tell tell!

The Global Existential Threat Level remains at GUARDED.

As I hit the hard wall of the middle on a project that had been spouting words like a geyser, I think I'll cheer myself up by bragging up how well BONDS OF DARKNESS has been doing.

Mrs. Giggles is not the only reviewer digging it. The Romance Reading Mom liked that it doesn't have vampires or werewolves. JERR's reviewer appreciated that the story's villain was a complex character. Fallen Angel's reviewer found it to be a "…very romantic…emotional roller coaster."

In fact, almost all the reviewers varied the roller coaster, dark suspense theme. Since my ultimate goal is to marry the romance and horror genres, this makes me think I might be on the right creative road. You can read more about that in my Liquid Silver Books Author Topic.


SpecRom Joyce said...

Just 2,000 words this week, but like I said, one project is the Dreaded Middle, and the other one is a skill-stretcher. Taking a little time.

Rejection from Strange Horizons on Tentacles in Love short story.

Lots of nice blog entries, though, did you read all that stuff? hehe.

Meankitty Says... said...

I did read that stuff!

My news is I sold a book. Details to come once the contract is finalized (you already know where).

Emily Veinglory said...

My Samhain book came out today. Over the weekend I wrote a whole first daft of a 10,000 word story. I know, it surprised me too!

Karen McCullough said...

I did about 3K this past week. I'm in the dreaded middle, too. My writing speed always slows down on the middle third of any project.

SpecRom Joyce said...

Holy cow -- it's good not be stuck in the dreaded middle!

Congrats Emily on your release. And your 10K words!

Woo hoo Jody on the sale. :)

And Karen, once the middle is done, it's all downhill.

Emily Veinglory said...

I am generally good in the middle. I hit a weird hitch about 8k into a novella, like clockwork. I also hate writing endings.

Karen McCullough said...

For me writing a book is like climbing a mountain. I start out with lots of momentum. I generally know how the first few chapters go and I can carry the momentum into about chapter five or six. Then the way gets steeper and the momentum dies. I slog to get to the top of the mountain and have to be very careful going down the other side, until I'm about halfway down. Then I roll easily into the finish. I love writing endings!

C'mon, Jody. Want to know about the sale!