Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another Triumph of Human Spirit

Lisa Andel over at the Liquid Silver Books blog has traced anti-sex laws through the United States. It leaves you feeling pretty silly to be part of this culture, let me tell you.

However, once you're done either giggling or shaking your head in disappointment with your fellow earthlings, consider how you can worldbuild by blue law.

In BURNED AND BURNING, my story at Quantum Kiss, I created a near-future sub-culture driven by the notion that sexual desire, not money, is the root of all evil.

In your future, what sorts of things will be criminalized? In your fantasy world or alien culture, what sorts of pleasure or bodily functions are considered taboo? What paranormal event might make it legal to sell a dildo in Massachusetts?

Go forth and write.

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Emily Veinglory said...

You know I really need to give more thought to writing spec fic. Although I am pretty sure most of the US runs on the assumption sex is the core evil of humanity already. It might be more fun to write a time where sex is not taboo but money and religion are.