Thursday, February 08, 2007

News 2 Use: The I Thought I Posted This On Tuesday Edition!

Or, in which towards the end I wax cynical about our species' chance of survival...

What does a six dimensional universe look like, anyway?

Scientists aren't sure. They aren't sure other dimensions even exist. But they think they might be able to figure it all out by charting their influence on cosmic energy present at The Big Bang.

If we have 64 positions in our three-dimensional world's Kama Sutra, how many do they have in the six dimensional world?

Okay, that was cheap and tawdry. I just don't get string theory.

Algae to the rescue!

The hottest potential source of renewable biological energy right now is algae. From raw algae comes something called "biocrude," which can be processed just like crude oil at existing refineries.

Before you get all excited…

I wonder if living with six dimensions makes you smarter?

The demand for an eco-friendly sustainable fuel created a boom market for palm oil. To take economic advantage of that boom, corporations in Indonesia have destroyed large chunks of Southeast Asian rainforests, overused toxic fertilizers and burned and drained peatland for palm plantations -- making Indonesia the third-worst global offender in the release of climate-damaging carbon emissions.

Go team.

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