Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday's Creative Challenge Game!

Share your creativity in the comments section.

How do you meet the science fiction/futuristic, fantasy or paranormal date of your dreams?

Write the ad copy for the match-making service who can set you up with your personal slice of speculative romance heaven.


Typing Slave said...

I don't know about the ad copy but the matchmaking service is probably called "Heroes for Zeroes".

Jody W.

Christine said...

Salutations sentients.
Are you tired of traveling the space lanes with no one other than your witty, custom built droid or snarky, yet tolerable sidekick for a companion? Had it with searching for the right being in all the wrong places? Too busy trying to make an honest living in the galaxy to find that one and only soul mate you know exists?

Bring your credits and your wildest dreams and fantasies to Interstellar Love Links, and let us put all your worries to rest. We offer the widest cross section of available singles, or groups, seeking real, meaningful connections with beings just like yourself. No more blind dates with incompatible species, or blood sworn enemies. At ILL you will be matched with compatible companions based on your stated desires, as well as the scores and interpretations of scores from a full battery of personality, political, genetic, and psychosexual tests. These tests can be downloaded from the holonet and taken in the privacy of your own spacecraft, lifepod, or domicile. Or, you can journey to one of our many franchise locations across the galaxy, where you can complete all tests in a resort like area designed to promote comfort and optimal performance. After scoring, you will provide a brief dossier on yourself and what you are seeking in a companion, along with a picture, and genetic profile. These will be placed into our database, where matching occurs. The picture and dossier will be available for viewing by other clients, increasing the potential for connection through the randomness of luck. Between the statistical inevitability of multiple matches, and the randomness provided by the free database (free to our clients only), you are all but guaranteed to meet the mate of your dreams, while minimizing all chances of negative potential fall out.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from valued, satisfied customers:

“Before I met Irahndah’hij I was just another galactic warlord with no real goal other than sector dominion, and no one to share my glory or pain. Every woman I met was either interested in my wealth, or interested in finding a way out of enslavement. No one ever saw me for me, all they saw was Drosk Har, Dark Lord of All Things Nasty and Evil. Thank you ILL for bringing me the queen of my dreams.”
Drosk Har, Dark Lord of All Things Nasty and Evil, Leader of the Fleet of Ultimate Doom

“I’d slept my way through have the Galun Legions trying to find just one man to satisfy me, but all of them ended up dead. I didn’t know why, until ILL’s tests confirmed that I am genetically crossbread with the Birluz Black Widow spider, and therefore incompatible with human males. In a matter of days they had me successfully paired with a life mate, and we have since created our own web lair, and hatched three egg sacs and counting. I don’t know where I’d be without you. I thank you, as does the remaining live half of the Galun Legion.”
Midge Walters

Yes, sentients, ultimate happiness is within your goal. And so is a more satisfying, fulfilling love life. Operators at ILL are standing by, waiting for your call.