Wednesday, August 16, 2006

News 2 Use: Oh The Humanity Edition

One More Misstep for Mankind

NASA can't find the original video tapes made of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.

According to the BBC, they lost an audio tape of the same event, then found it again, in September of 2001:

But we all know where to find the Paris Hilton Sex Tape.

Better Wine Through Worms

Australian scientists are using the olfactory molecular recognition system of the nematode worm as a pattern for a "cybernose" that will help evaluate a grape's readiness for wine.

"The cybernose will draw on how the brains of simple organisms...process information about smells and tell the difference between related odors," according to the lead scientist of the research, resulting in better Australian wine.

Scientists continue to turn to bioengineering for clues on how to improve technology, which is great. I'm just so glad they are focusing on essential services. I mean, better Australian wine could be the turning point for humanity. Maybe the cybernose, or the little worms, can sniff out the NASA tape?

Get Your GETAS Update Here

The Global Existential Threat Advisory System, tracked by the Lifeboat Foundation, has been raised to ELEVATED.

"The Global Existential Threat Advisory System intends to provide a comprehensive and effective means to disseminate information regarding existential threats to the world," said Philippe Van Nedervelde, Lifeboat Foundation's Chief International Evangelist.

Existential risk quantifies the probability of events that could spell the end to life, the universe and everything.

Got duct tape?

PS -- I signed up for the GETAS email updates, so I think we'll report the Global Existential Threat Advisory on Fess Up Mondays. Just to put our writing travails in perspective.

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