Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Website Updates! Website Updates!

Our newsletter should go out Friday, but I've already posted some content on the site. You lucky bloggers can have a sneak peak at the month's News 2 Use and our Market Updates.

Because I am web site challenged, when I tried to update our home page to show what's new, it didn't quite work. When you get there, try clicking on "SpecRom Home" in the left hand menu to find what should be on the home page. FIXED THIS! HA HA, TAKE THAT HTML. TAKE THAT, COLD FUSION!

Also, for some unfathomable reason, the link to the Awards page doesn't work, so to see the Sapphire nominees, click SpecRom Awards on that handy left hand menu. FIXED THIS! HA, HA, TAKE THAT HTML. TAKE THAT, COLD FUSION!

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