Monday, May 15, 2006


Anything But the Guppy Sneak Mate...

When faced with swimming with predators or dealing with unwanted sexual attention, female guppies choose the former. When continual courtship displays go unrecognized, male guppies "will attempt sneak mating with them [female guppies] when they aren't looking," according to researchers from the University of Leeds. To avoid such a fate, the drab-colored female guppies hide in predator-infested waters, where the brightly colored male guppies dare not follow.

Click here for the press release from Eurekalert.

Sneak mating and continual (and seemingly unimpressive) courtship displays. A female guppy's life is like one big disco. I'd swim with the sharks, too. Interesting, though, that a female guppy would rather risk death than produce offspring cursed with what she perceives as inferior genetic matter. The researchers thought the significance was more ecological. If guppy predators, like most predators, are the first to go extinct in an unbalanced ecosystem, the result would be more sexual harassment and assault of female guppies.

Sneak Mate, Homo Sapiens Style

According to research done at the University of Illinois at Chicago, 62% of all reported sexual assaults involve victims being drugged. Whether the drug is recreationally self-administered or if it is unknowingly introduced into a victim's system, the report states the result is impairment of a victim's "ability to identify a dangerous situation or to resist the perpetrator."

Click here for the Eurekalert press release.

So when guppies want to escape sexual danger, they make themselves vulnerable to predators. Seems like it's the opposite for human women. Except the guppies hide among predators who have no sexual interest in them. Lurking in here is the Perfect Speculative Erotica plot: hunky gay vampires stalking the streets, saving vulnerable women from the real creatures of the night.

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