Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Just could not wait to share these lovely stories, plus one unrelated but hilarious blog link. So much for the uniformity of my blog schedule!

Homeland Security, Rah Rah Rah

As part of an ongoing literary experiment, a University of Florida grad student posted a short story to his LiveJournal called "I Am Ready To Serve My Country," about an Army recruit who prepares for war by killing people.

Six months later, authorities asked him to provide fingerprints and a DNA sample, to be sure he really hadn't murdered anyone.

Read more at the excellent and fun blog, Dark But Shining.

We should just elect Keystone Cops clones and embrace the horror.

Will There Be An LKH Unseelie Court Cult? I'll Join!

British authorities raided a "sex slavery sect" based on John Norman's Chronicles of Gor. Since everyone there was a consenting adult, however, no arrests were made.

Read the whole sordid story in the Telegraph here.

Imagine with me the confrontation between bewhiskered English bobbies and sect leader Lee Thompson, together with three or four leashed women on their knees…heheheh.

The Face That Launched Another Deep Bout of Depression

Scottish researchers have created a male face they believe is irresistible to women.

See it, and some hilarious commentary, at The Retropolitan Presents: Tales to Astonish.

He looks nothing like James Woods, young Mickey Roarke and certainly nothing like the Sexiest Man Alive, Christopher Walken. Crazy Scots, what do they know of a woman's heart?


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