Friday, May 26, 2006

Felled by the flu, I've fallen behind. So here's everything in one big juicy bite


  • Silhouette Goes from Intimate to Suspense

  • Write the Next Chapter for Swimming Kangaroo Books

  • Science Fiction Poetry Association First Web Poetry Contest

  • Check the full listings at Speculative Romance Online's Website.


    With all the talk about the demise of the romantic historical, blah blah blah, we're happy to introduce you to Vintage Romance Publishing.

    They feature romantic fiction set anytime before 1969, and they have a Perfectly Paranormal line. Read our interview with Vintage Romance's Editor and Business Manager, Dawn Carrington..


    Today's most ironic comment on the male brain: Repetitive Stupidity Disorder, by Chris Bauer, as featured in the current issue of Aberrant Dreams.

    Today's most poignant exploration of love and trust: Love's Resistance (Crossing the Wheatstone Bridge), by John Borneman, a poem featured in this month's From the Asylum.

    And finally, for an off-beat romp, check out the stand-alone Prologue to The Syndicate, by Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave, which has the delightful subtitle "Because Geeks Have Sex Lives Too…"

    I only had time to read the prologue today, which does not have any sexual content, but does have a clever speculative premise as well as a pair of interesting characters, Allard and Vaughan, who become a spirited couple in the further adventures. So, you know, don't get all freaky if you are of a mind not to like that stuff, because you've been warned. I happen to dig that stuff up one side and down the other, and plan to order the book.


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