Thursday, November 02, 2006

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Are You An Agent of Evolution?

We tend to think of evolution as a purely biological process, but is human self-awareness, intelligence and tool-making capacity just a series of biological advancements enabling the next evolutionary step -- co-creation? Whether we meld human and machine, or use technology to alter our DNA, or both, is the next step supposed to be humanity taking conscious control of what we become?

Ray Kurzweil should get the Moster Hug of Appreciation from speculative authors everywhere for his futuristic gleanings.

Aliens: Are they ET or Predator, and Should We Be Shouting At Them Until We Know?

As various groups, including SETI, Yahoo and Cosmic Connexion, start to beam active messages to potential alien environments in space, others wonder if it's such a good idea. After all, if there is alien life, there's no guarantee how they might feel about us.

It would be ironic if instead of blowing ourselves up, our sincere desire to connect with aliens is what causes the end of humanity.

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