Monday, November 13, 2006

Fess Up Monday!

Did you write? Did you sell? How many words? Tell, tell tell!

The Global Existential Threat Level remains at GUARDED.

This week my mind is on keeping speculative romantic sex believable. PC Cast and Gena Showalter give their insights: Aliens Do It With Tentacles!

For your reading pleasure, and a nice primer on keeping alien sex believable:Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex.


SpecRom Joyce said...

After have a rough 6 weeks, I'm trying to get back to a schedule, in all things. Sorry for the hiatus.

Rejected: one short story by Trabuco Road. I'll be glad when that market goes live this week, and I can see what he's buying.

Resubmitted: Rejected short story to a new romantic short fiction market, Quantum Kiss. Watch for info in markets this week.

Good news for the Tentacles in Love story -- got a hold notice for final round evaluation at Ideomancer.

Revisions on novel for Liquid Silver Books returned to editor. Woo hoo!

Drafted: 1053 words this morning on a project meant to go to another new market, Love Notes Press, info coming in markets this week. Hoping to have the first draft done before 12/1.

I'm trying a new discipline: one hour a day. I'm committing to spend one hour a day drafting -- not writing notes, not revising, not researching, but drafting prose. Even if it is shitty prose, an hour's worth of shitty prose is better than no prose!

Typing Slave said...

And how'd that QUANTUM KISS story work out for ya, eh? :)

I achieved nothing last week. This week's looking grim as well. More power to the Nanoites!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Typing Slave, writing = 0. Every weekend has been dedicated to family travel requirements and such. I'm finally free for three weeks, and plan to finish chapter one. Right now, though, just a zombie!

Joyce, you on the other hand are rocking!

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