Sunday, March 18, 2007

Website Update!

All new at Speculative Romance Online:

  • Candice Vetter, our own astronomy diva, helps you decide how to deal with that pesky light speed barried in DISTANCE, SPEED AND TIME.

  • Specrom Speaks with PAULA GURAN of JUNO BOOKS.

  • New Member News.

  • New Market News.

  • New Review: THE STRANGELING by Saskia Walker

  • New Review: KING OF DRAGONS, KING OF MEN by Emily Veinglory


  • Also, check this out:

    OBCNFE (overworked but committed non-fiction editor) seeks plural professional relationship with other like minds. Ideal partners might be thirsting to make industry contacts by interviewing them for the newsletter, have an overwhelming passion for coordinating contests, be interested in becoming our liaison to the speculative erotic romance community or have a great off-the-wall idea for a recurring column. I'm flexible and easygoing, remember, so everyone interested in contributing is encouraged to reply. Not looking for a monthly hook-up: bi-monthly and quarterly involvement is fine, too. Creativity and a good sense of humor a must. Payment is experience and a great way to network in the community. Direct replies to joyce (at) with the subject line "Specrom Sounds Hot, Let's Hookup."


    Emily Veinglory said...

    The Juno interview is great :)

    Laurie said...

    Candice Vetter's article Distance, Speed and Time was a thought-provoking and educational read for anyone who writes Science Fiction or Science Fantasy Romance. I loved her comments regarding Firefly getting it right. :) I'm also happy to know my Futuristic Fantasy trilogy (working title: Draxis) uses concepts that are not beyond "suspension of disbelief" for the informed reader.

    OK, that hooked me. I'm now a member of SpecRom. :)