Wednesday, July 19, 2006

READ THIS: Real Love Edition

Read This: GODDESS, by Jon Hansen

Abyss and Apex has a lovely speculative romance, in flash form, up in their latest issue.

Goddess, by Jon Hansen manages to beautifully illustrate the complexity of fantasy love versus real love in the space of about 1000 words.

Read This: THE MOUNTIANS OF KEY WEST, by Sandra McDonald

Lone Star Stories features an exploration into desperation, temptation and, finally, contentment.

The Mountains of Key West, by Sandra McDonald is another cautionary tale: do you want the illusion or the real thing?

Read This: JUDY AND NORMAN, by Darby Harn

Reflection's Edge offers a selection that fits the Real Love theme, but isn't romantic love. Still, it's a moving and provocative read.

Judy and Norman, by Darby Harn, makes the point that love isn't about who you find it with, but about finding it when you need it most.

Read them, and share what you think.

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Charlie said...

Wonderful that you're pointing to THE MOUNTIANS OF KEY WEST. A touching story by a writer who is fast becoming one of my favorites. Can't wait for her debut novel out next year.