Monday, July 03, 2006

The Big Bang Post-o-Rama: Market News, Member News and New Reviews

Market News for your holiday:

  • Moxie Press wants your cross-genre speculative romances

  • Wild Rose Press wants you to lead them down the garden path for their new antho contest

  • Apsen Mountian Press is looking for cross-genre speculative romance…and they have a horror romance line

  • Unical Press wants fantasy/paranormal romance

  • The Heart and Soul imprint of Saltwater Press wants new age romances

  • Check out the full listings at Speculative Romance Online.

    Member News 7/3/2006

    Paige Cuccaro releases QUEEN OF HEARTS.

    Garden District princess Samantha Vines, is all about propriety, etiquette, and responsibility. Cross-dressing Vic Cabarini has wrong-move written all over him but Sam will learn one wrong can lead to a whole lot of rights.

    Rowena Cherry is happy to announce the formation of a group blog at

    Editor's note: I've visited. Thoughtful posts about the challenges of hybridizing science fiction and romance.

    Rowena Cherry is pleased to announce that the July and August issue of her newsletter will be up at as of July 10th.

    As your beloved but freaky editor, I fought the good fight in my Campaign for Romantic Horror with this guest post at Dark, But Shining, a grand and thoughtful blog about darker speculative genres, and stirred a little discussion at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

    Of course, I'm always up for talk about the marriage of horror and romance. Leave a comment. Send an email. Join the Campaign for Romantic Horror!

    I think we need a theme song. Every good campaign needs a theme song. What do you think?

    New Reviews Posted on SpecRom 7/3/2006

  • Solstice Wood by Patricia A. McKillip

  • Writing The Other by Nisi Shawl & Cynthia Ward

  • In the Werewolf's Den by Rob Preece

  • The Hunters: Declan & Tori by Shiloh Walker

  • Read the reviews at Speculative Romance Online -- The Website.

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