Monday, September 18, 2006

Fess Up Monday!

Did you write? Did you sell? How many words? Tell, tell tell!

But you can focus on your muse:

The Global Existential Threat Level remains at GUARDED.

I know my mind is greatly eased. Yours?

And our inspiration today:

Goals are dreams with deadlines -- Diana Scharf Hunt


SpecRom Joyce said...

I finished a short story, writing about 3,000 words or so. I've had some critiques, and now I'm ready to revise and start submitting!

I hope this story ends up where everyone can see, because it displays something I've discovered about myself. I have a tentacle fetish.

I am going to do some character work so I can get a clear picture of my heroine and start a new longer project, hopefully on Thursday.

I also plan to learn something about writing Flash Fiction. Anybody got any recommendations on how to get a handle on it? It's prose, it's poetry, it's interesting and I have an idea I think will lend itself well to the format.

Happy writing!

Lynne Simpson said...

Wow, you had a good week, Joyce! :-) Unfortunately, I don't know much about Flash Fiction. I'm assuming you've checked out some anthologies?

Last week, I submitted two 1,500-word entries to Avon FanLit. One was a combination of science fiction, time travel, and Regency, and the other was a rewrite as vanilla Regency. I wrote twenty pages on my epic fantasy series. And, best of all, I finished rewriting my query letter and started submitting it. I think writing the promos for the FanLit pieces shook something loose in my brain so that I was finally able to see what was wrong with my long-hated query letter.

SpecRom Joyce said...

Go Lynne!

I'm hearing all kinds of good stuff about the Avon Fan Lit thing. I just may have to test it out. :)

Christine said...

I finished the first part of the detailed scene outline. The nitty gritty, but it came out better than expected.

Sent out a submission.

Lynne Simpson said...

I've already lured at least one person over there, Joyce, so beware! :-) It's highly addictive.

You wouldn't believe how many people have said in private or on the message boards that their FanLit entry was the FIRST thing they'd ever let anyone read. To me, that's huge. Not everyone's first effort is going to win a Pulitzer Prize or even place in the top hundred of the weekly rankings of FanLit, but that these folks are a) writing, b) FINISHING something, and c) putting it out there for others to read is a very cool thing, IMO.

SpecRom Joyce said...

Christine said "Send out a submission."

You're so cool. When I send something out it's like Mardi Gras without the flashing.

Christine said...

Me, cool? Heh! There's a funny thought!

I'm trying to get regular about submitting things because if I want to be serious about craft, it's part of the ropes. If I get too excited, then I get too let down on the other end if it comes back. So I try to be Zen about it all. Still, got those fingers crossed. :-)

SpecRom Joyce said...

If I get too excited, then I get too let down on the other end if it comes back.

I always expect rejection, and consider that submission, not publication, is the ultimate goal. So I get all happy about submission, and talk myself into believing how absolutely great it will be when I get to resubmit after a rejection!

That's really twisted, but it works.

Christine said...

I like the way you think Joyce!